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What are transponder keys

Well the short answer is, a key with a computer chip embedded in the plastic head of the key. For a more detailed answer CLICK HERE. Almost all cars on the road today that have been made since the year 2000 have these types of keys. These keys are expensive, so guard them with your life. The equipment to program these keys is also expensive costing upwards of $4000.00. So needless to say even a duplicate of these keys can cost as much as $50.00 up to and beyond $150.00 on some models. YES my company can make these keys to most cars, either from scratch if all keys are lost or spares if you already have a key. Keep in mind if you need a spare and only have "1" key, it will cost more than if you have "2" keys and want a spare.

There are couple of ways that you can use most times to tell if your car has these types of keys or not. If your key was all metal "no plastic" and would start and run the car then it is not a transponder key. But if you look on the dash instrument panel and there is an orange light flashing that says either "theft" or "security" or a small round red light flashing either on top of the dash or in the dash near the instruments and your key had a plastic or rubber head, then more than likely your car does use a transponder key.