No 1-800 #'s and no call centers in some other state.

When you call our phone number you will be talking directly to a MOBILE LOCKSMITH in your local area.

We are a locally owned and operated Locksmith serving the Jefferson county, Blount county and Walker county area in Alabama since 1994.

Response Time on LOCKOUTS

Any HONEST locksmith will tell you that the average response time for a lockout is between 15 and 25 min. On rare occasions sooner if we happen to have one of our workers in your neighborhood at that moment. Sometimes slightly longer during rush hours due to traffic and school buses when school is in session.
ALSO for those of you who are calling from anywhere on or near HWY 280, it is the most congested HWY in the state! So please you people have got to learn to have a little patience and be a little forgiving, you know how crowded that road is and how slow the traffic moves. It can take up to 20 minutes just to travel a 3 mile stretch of this hwy.