No 1-800 #'s and no call centers in some other state.

When you call our phone number you will be talking directly to a MOBILE LOCKSMITH in your local area.

We are a locally owned and operated Locksmith serving the Jefferson county, Blount county and Walker county area in Alabama since 1994.

Roadside Service, how it works

It is time consuming to use a roadside service, because when you call your roadside service company you will be talking to an operator in an office most likely in another state. They then have to take all of your information. (est. 10 min.)
Then call and find a provider - (locksmith, towing company etc...) in your area that can do the job that you need done and give that person all of your information. (est. 10 min. to 1 hour+)
Then that provider will call YOU in order to verify exact details of your situation. They do this because sometimes the roadside service operator will get some details wrong. (est. 10 min.)
Then the provider is dispatched to your location with a response time of anywhere from 15 min. to over an hour.
Now of course if you are not in a hurry and short on funds that is an acceptable scenario.
BUT if you are in a hurry and have funds available, either cash, or credit or debit card then you should search for a local provider and call them yourself and get a receipt in order to send to your roadside service provider in order to get your money back usually within a couple of weeks.
Calling someone yourself will save you at least 20 minutes or possibly as much as an hour or 2.