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We are a locally owned and operated Locksmith serving the Jefferson county, Blount county and Walker county area in Alabama since 1994.

Broken Keys

When a key has been broken into 2 pieces, most of the time a key can be made from the 2 pieces.
You must have all pieces of the key!

If one of the pieces is still in the lock we have special small tools that we can use to remove the key from the lock. Yes we can even remove a broken piece of key from any ignition switch, in 20 years and thousands of cars, only on one occasion have we not been able to remove the key.
With that being said, there are exceptions to that, they include but are not limited to; customers attempting to remove the key by using ANYTHING!; including but not limited to paper clips, pliers, coat hangers, needles, super glue, screw driver, hammer, or anything else. Doing any of the things I listed above will result in permanent damage to your switch. So please call us to remove the key otherwise you risk ruining your switch, which can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair and also having the inconvenience of 2 separate keys to operate your vehicle.

So if you have a broken key, by all means take it to your local locksmith shop and they can make you another, either by copying or for a better guaranteed key have them make a code key from the broken one.
By visually sight reading the key, a code key can usually be made, providing it is not to worn out,  this is a much better key than just making a copy of the broken key, which most locksmiths will NOT guarantee.

If you have a piece of it still in the lock, PLEASE call us before anyone damages the lock and we will be able to pull the piece out and make you a new key and the lock will still function as normal.