No 1-800 #'s and no call centers in some other state.

When you call our phone number you will be talking directly to a MOBILE LOCKSMITH in your local area.

We are a locally owned and operated Locksmith serving the Jefferson county, Blount county and Walker county area in Alabama since 1994.

Garage Door Security.

Here are some tips to make sure or to at least limit the chances that someone will try to enter through your garage doors.

1st. Clear all remotes out of system and then reprogram your remotes back in. That way you don't have to worry about who might have a remote that works your garage door.

2nd. Shorten the red manual release cord on the track to about 5 inches, so it will be tougher for a crook to use a tool to reach in and pull that in order to open your door manually.

3rd. If you have windows in your doors, tint them with window tint you can pick up just about every where, or cover them with curtains. That way the potential crook will not be tempted by the valuables you have in your garage since he won't be able to see them.

I can't stress enough how important number 1 is, I know of situations where entry was made by people who kept remotes to old houses. So please clear your system and then reprogram your remotes back in, now only your remotes will work the doors.